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31 March 2015

Carlisle - Helen Davison

Helen Davison - CarlisleI've lived in Carlisle nearly twenty five years, almost my entire working life. This city is my home. I've worked both in the NHS, including in clinical and public health medicine, and in the local voluntary sector. Currently I voluntarily run a mental health well-being project in the city.

Carlisle is a great city with great potential but it saddens me immensely that we have people who are reliant upon food banks and who are being crippled by the bedroom tax and austerity measures imposed on us.

We desperately need people who will speak out against the current austerity agenda which is benefitting only big corporations and the richest few in our society. And we need people who will stand up for policies that protect us all, and future generations, from the devastating impact of climate change.

My key priorities as Carlisle’s MP

  • Keeping our NHS publicly funded and publicly provided, ensuring additional funding goes into enabling staff to deliver quality services for all, rather than making profit for company share-holders. A particular priority is better funding of Carlisle’s currently seriously over-stretched mental health services.
  • Revitalising our economy by creating jobs in the renewable energy sector, through home insulation, in social care and in providing good quality public services for us all.
  • Ensuring a living wage and investment in welfare so no-one in our city is reduced to using a food bank, an obscenity in one of the richest nations in the world.

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Penrith & The Border - Bryan Burrow

Bryan Burrow - Penrith & The BorderI joined the Green party in September 2014. Before then I supported various campaigns including 'stop the war'. For me the Iraq war was the end of my gradually declining and begrudging support for the Labour party.

Russell Brand's 'The trews' helped to inform my thinking and that was how I came to read Naomi Klein's 'This changes everything'. I already had the green party in my heart and had read Murray Bookchin but the new realization that hit me after hearing Natalie Bennett speak at CAT last summer led to me joining the green surge with the hope that the Green Party is at last a real alternative. There was no way that I could not get involved.
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